Board of Directors

ART from the ashes – Board of Directors

Joy Feuer – is the founder of ART from the Ashes and practicing artist. After a rewarding 17-year career in the music industry working with many talented artists, it was time to explore her own creative spectrum. This has led to an infinite exploration in ceramics, printmaking, photography, welding and permaculture design. She deems all answers in life can be found in the garden, believes in the existence of pixie dust and is a closet archeologist. Roland Feuer – Is President of R&S Production Services Inc, an innovative company that combines art and technology. A unique spectrum of projects and clients has taken him all over the world. This experience has given him an affinity for strange foods. Roland finds inspiration by escaping onto high sierra trails, natural hot springs and mountaintops.

Stacy Conde – Stacy is a displaced Indiana Hoosier who spent her early career years riding in vans with bands and doing PR and marketing at the best independent record labels in Chicago. She then pinged and ponged her way back and forth from New York to LA during her time with EMI Music. In 2004 she left her post as VP Domestic & International Marketing at Virgin Records in New York and moved out to the Southern California Desert to swirl around in the creative space that such a vast amount of sand allows. Stacy is anti-raisin, but pro-grape. She is not skilled at painting, ceramics or sculpture; but she deeply appreciates all art mediums and she makes a delicious cupcake.

John Matthews – John is an artist and the creative mind behind his design company, Sublime Inspirations specializing in architectural design, furniture design, sculpture and painting. He has gone from stacking blocks and finger painting at the age of 5, to stacking blocks and finger painting in the present. Perspective through the minds eye reflects and bombards his soul. John lives to inspire through the open eyes of seeing the unseen.

Amanda Overton – Amanda likes to move around and try new things as long the time she spends comes back to art and design. From opening an art gallery in New Orleans, to her dynamic four years spent on Park Avenue working with high-end retail clients assisting them in recruiting top executives. Life whisked Amanda back to her native Texas city to begin her own interior design business where her true destiny awaited her. Not only did she discover that she had not abandoned entirely her Texas accent, but she found her true love in interior design. Today living in Pasadena, CA for nearly four years is currently the Head Designer for Cisco Home, a sustainable, locally owned furniture company based in Los Angeles. Amanda loves spontaneous road trips to unwind and reconnect with Mother Nature, and never stops thinking about what she can design next.

Michael Kurtz – Michael Kurtz is an artist who currently works for the Music Monitor Network (a large coalition of independently owned music stores in the US and Canada). Michael is also the co-founder of Record Store Day, an international music event celebrated by approximately one million people and over 1000 independently owned music stores around the world. Michael was born in Munich, Germany, is allergic to mangoes, spends most of his time thinking about all forms of art while swimming, rides a scooter, and splits his time between Los Angeles and New York City.

Shannon Curfman – Shannon’s career in Film and Television began officially in 1995, and unofficially when she was 13 years old and started rearranging her friends rooms “because it just flows better this way.” She is experienced as a set-dresser, prop person and lead person and has settled into her current position as a Set Decoration Buyer where she loves the creativity of telling a character’s story through their environment. Her nicknames include “Swiss Army Wife” and “Toolbelt” (because she’s so handy) and Shenanigans (because she’s so fun). Her other art form is singing and her motto is laugh often and easily. She finds restorative powers in the sights, sounds and smells of nature (but feels ice cream and caramels can do in a pinch).