Cypress Senior Living

Cypress Senior Living


Contributing Artists:

Highline Blue Inner Birds by Rosana Aziernicki Artist Statement: This mono-print was created by applying multi-layers of transfers using an original collage inspired by urban landscapes.

“Underworld” by Minas Halaj Artist Statement: Incorporating elements of classical education with contemporary influence, I provide a symphony of graphics, sculptures, collage and figurative compositions that indulge the senses.

March, April & August by Karen Sikie Artist Statement: These pieces are part of a larger series called “A Year” in which I never threw out any leftover paint or paper in the process of my work.  After a collage was complete I would just grab a paper remnant and wash it with the leftover paint.  The results are a very layered paper with deep colors that occurred over a years time in a spontaneous way.  My philosophy here is waste nothing, everything has value.

Xerces Blue by Laura Stickney Artist Statement: My grandfather was a flyer in the early 1900’s.  I have always been interested in the history of aviation.  My etching combines images of extinct Xerces Blue butterflies with a portrait of an antique pilot in his flying machine.  The print expresses the buoyancy and fragility of flight.

Travel Poster, Herman Melville by Lorna Turner Artist Statement: Taken from my hand-made graduate film, Roadtrip, I extracted the text-based content, which I had pulled from various literary figures.  From Anatola France, Miriam Beard, Jack Kerouac, Samuel Johnson, Patrick Fermor and here Herman Melville, I looked for quotes that referenced the journey, the wandering, the act of getting lost, anything that highlighted how one needs to reset our place in the world.  While exploring the individual frames of the film, I realized each one text frame presented an abstraction of a road or a textured landscape.

Lorna Turner is a practicing artist, educator and graphic designer living in Los Angeles. She is drawn to nostalgic visuals that appear in the landscape. From discarded signage, abandoned houses, unused industrial facilities, or public spaces, there is a fascination with how society can make that selection. Turner gravitates towards places that have lost their lustre or an environment where natural growth has reclaimed the location. Many of the photographs, or screen prints she creates, have lonely qualities, harking back to a narrative now left to the imagination of the viewer. Through her creative approach, either through screen prints, typographic explorations, or photography, she is pulled towards the deterioration and layering of years and texture, which she finds magical.

2014 Cypress Senior Living

In Spring of 2014 we were contacted by Community Development Partners (CDP) about curating original artwork for the interior of an affordable housing project for seniors and veterans in Glendale, CA.  We reached out to several local artists and chose works that would support CDP’s vision and resonate with future residents.  Adorning the walls of the Cypress Senior Living are AFTA curated works by local artists Rosana Aziernicki, Minas Halaj, Karen Sikie, Laura Stickney and Lorna Turner.

Our involvement with the Cypress Senior Living was a rewarding experience a true alignment with AFTA’s desire to foster community connection through art and support local artists. The opportunity to partner with a CDP whose development approach is not just to renovate a property for its next use but to create an enhanced living space and meaningful home for its occupants is exceptional.  In addition to a completely rehabilitated and converted property inside and out, they included a community garden, public mural and community room that will provide on-site services offered to residents such as internet access and health & wellness classes.

It was an extreme privilege to work with Community Development Partners who in collaboration with the City of Glendale Housing Authority and non-profit Integrity Housing provided  life-enhancing safe, quality, affordable housing. Wishing best of days to all the residents…




cdp-logo200 Partner Community Development Partners Community Development Partners (CDP) is a leader of transformative change – responsible for creating life-enhancing affordable development projects that adhere to strict standards of environmentally, socially and economicaly responsible buildings and communities.  Our mission is to repair and strengthen the fabric of cities and towns by meeting the housing needs of local citizens through the thoughtful planning and development of affordable communities.