Partnership Programming



Partnership Programming

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Fundraisers & Special Events

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Disaster Relief Benefit Exhibitions

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Upcoming Partnership Programming 

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ART from the ashes ARTS Programming comes to life through the vision of contributing artists and dedication of our  partners and volunteers.  To date over 400 artists have donated their time and talent to support AFTA’s mission.

At the heart of AFTA is the concept of transformation and renewal.  Artists work with salvaged materials reclaimed from site significant locations;  items such as twisted metal, wood, glass, ash and found objects become one-of-a-kind works of art.  Every work tells a story and captures the heart of a place in time and history.  

AFTA’s art exhibitions have featured a broad spectrum of mediums including ceramics, wood, metal and glass sculpture, mixed media,  painting, assemblage, photography, jewelry, haute couture, visual installations and stop-motion animation.  Each exhibition is a result of  contributing artists creative exploration.

Our curation & design approach is rooted in sustainable practices.  Elements used to create AFTA’s exhibition spaces, its environment and energy mirror the works of art by incorporating reclaimed materials.