Record Store Day 2013




Contributing Artists

YaYa Chou, Jonathan Chow, Lynn Coleman, Shannon Curfman, Shari Elf, Molly Enholm, Joy Feuer, Annie Fourguette, Sue Francis, Betsy Gallery, Cole Gerst, Chris Ghantous, Ariyana Gibbon, Vince Gonzales, Minas Hilaj, Diane Hardy-Garcia, Dick Heimbold, Victoria Howard, Toby Huss, Celeste Iida, Jaimie, Won Sil Kim, Douglas Lochner, Susan Love, Philip Lumbang, John Matthews, Chris McCormick, Valery Milovic, Heather Morrow, Robert Oblon, Amanda Overton, Renee Palmer, Joan Robey Rachel Rose,Catherine Ruane, Nina Savill, Karen Sikie, Sally Ann Stahl, William Stranger, Lydia Tjioe,Lorna Turner, Evan Vieser, Dana Walker, Ryan Wildstar

ART from the ashes Gallery

216 S. Brand Blvd.

Glendale, CA 91204

Gallery Hours:

Thurs – Sun 12-5p

Suggested Donation $5

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Our exhibitions are made possible by volunteers and donations.

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Featuring 44 artists and over 100 works of art
INSPIRE is a fundraiser to support the efforts of ART from the ashes and to honor the spectrum of talented artists who have donated artwork to past exhibitions. For INSPIRE, each participating artist has created at least one ART from the ashes inspired work that incorporates reclaimed fire site materials. Additional artwork by each artist reflects their creative diversity and choice of medium. The majority of proceeds from the sale of art in this exhibition will go to the artists.
Special thanks to the City of Glendale for welcoming us back!

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“Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.” – John Muir