Santa Barbara October 2009

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Participating Artists

Jessica Amos, James Carbone, Lynn Coleman, Joy Feuer, Diana Folsom, Sue Francis, David Gala, Betsy Gallery, Nancy Goldwin, Izzy Greer, Diane Hardy-Garcia, Celeste Iida, Marcelino Jimenez, Kay Kropp, Doug Lochner, Susan Love, Philip Lumbang, Laura Lynch, Ceres Madoo, Bill Matthews, John Matthews, Valery Milovic, Judy Nilsen, Robert Oblon, Renee Palmer, Portia Perry-Schaeffer, Terry Peterson, PH Fred, Terri Phillips, Mary Price, Bari Ramoy, Nancy Richler, Joan Robey, Rachel Rose, Gwen Samuels, Nina Savill, Dante Sigismondi, Karen Sikie, Solar B, Laura Stickney, Lorna Turner, Valery Valesquez, Evan Vieser, Won Sil Kim, Xenia Zampolli

AFTA Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Overview Video from ART from the ashes on Vimeo.

Over 50 artists donated their time and talent to create one-of-a-kind works of art for the ART from the ashes exhibition at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.  The exhibition will showcase pieces created from reclaimed materials obtained from the Garden after the Jesusita Fire that raged through the Santa Barbara area in May of 2009. In its wake, the fire burned over 8,700 acres of land and destroyed 80 homes. Over 60 of the Garden’s 78 acres and 9,800 living collection plants were either destroyed or damaged and several structures were lost. Proceeds will benefit restoration efforts in the Garden.

Proceeds Support

santabarbarabotgard       The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden fosters the conservation of California’s native plants through out gardens, education, and research and serves as a role model for sustainable practices. We envision a world where society understands the interdependency between people and plants and acts to preserve the natural world.