AFTA Deukmejian Art – June 19 – July 24, 2010

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June 19th – July 24th, 2010


Contributing Artists

Jonathan Aaron, Rebecca Cabage, James Carbone, Christopher Casanova, YaYa Chou, Jonathan Chow, Mary Clark-Carmargo, Lynn Coleman, Shannon Curfman, Shari Elf, Molly Enholm, Joy Feuer, Diana Folsom, Annie Fourguette, Cole Gerst, Chris Ghantous, Ariyana Gibbon, Vince Gonzales, Corinne Grassini, Donna Grillo, Eric Grossman, Minas Hilaj, Diane Hardy-Garcia, Dick Heimbold, Victoria Howard, Toby Huss, Celeste Iida, Jaimie, Kay Kropp, Renee Lotenero, Philip Lumbang III, Ceres Madoo, Bill Matthews, John Matthews, Chris McCormick, Rick McLean, Valery Milovic, Heather Morrow, Robert Oblon, Amanda Overton, Portia Perry-Shaeffer, Terri Phillips, Tennessee Phillips Ward, Joan Robey, Carrie Rose, Rachel Rose, Gwen Samuels, Nina Savill, Chris Sicat, Steve Siegrist, Karen Sikie, Sally Ann Stahl, Laura Stickney, Marc Stirdivant, William Stranger, Lydia Tjioe Hall, Lorna Turner, Evan Vieser, Dana Walker, Bill Westheimer, Lisa G. Westheimer, Jason Wilbur, Ryan Wildstar, Xenia Zampolli

Partners & Sponsors

Art and Sign Production, The Americana at Brand, Cisco Home, Daniel Flannery Productions, Glendale Downtown Merchant Association, Glendale Firefighters Association, Glendale Community Services & Parks Department, Glendale Management Association, Glendale Sunrise Rotary, The Gas Company, Green Earth Print & Design, palate food+wine, Cresenta-Canada Rotary, Option-G, Potted Store, Topline Wine & Spirit, Lorna Turner, Specialized Security.

Special thanks to supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, Los Angeles County

deukmejian exhibition video from ART from the ashes on Vimeo.

On the afternoon of August 26, 2009, a wildfire broke out in San Gabriel Mountains. This blaze, known as the Station Fire, devastated over 250 square miles of the Angeles National Forest and was the largest in Los Angeles County recorded history. To protect surrounding communities from the fire, nearly all 709 acres of the bordering Deukmejian Wilderness Park in the City of Glendale were strategically burned. The resulting destruction devastated the plant and animal life that once flourished in the Park and has compromised hiking trails and closed the park to the community. Art from the ashes reclaimed materials from the park for artists to create one of a kind works of art and together with partners, Glendale Parks & Open Space Foundation presented a benefit exhibition featuring over 100 works to support the restoration efforts for Deukmejian Wilderness Park.  AFTA designed the gallery space using reclaimed organic materials to mirror the energy of the works of art and the natural landscape of the park.

Proceeds Support



The Glendale Parks & Open Space Foundation was established as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2009 by a group of devoted Glendale residents who believed that a nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping parks beautiful and supporting recreation programs could have a positive impact on their city. “We plan to raise funds through events, donations, grants and other activities in order to foster well-maintained parks, picturesque open spaces, and innovative programs for children and adults alike,” said Dottie Sharkey, President of the Foundation.